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Our office is BIM capable (ArchiCad and Revit) and able to service our clients with in-house 3D representations during the design and documentation process.

Architect of Record

We offer complete architectural services, assiting clients from the inception of the project, thru the design phases and preparation of permit plans, along with the coordination efforts with the engineering consultants. In addition, we could also work with other design architects and provide architectural services for the coordination and completion of permit plans.

Design Architect

Architects would work with the client/s to develop a building design package where all the are areas and features, either interior or exterior, are defined and have been coordinated in a preliminary fashion with the engineering consultants, Interior Designers, Landscape Designers, Lighting Consultants and other relevant parties participating in the project.


Architect assist clients with the research and decision-making process that identifies the scope of work to be designed. Some this term as 'facility programming or functional and operational requierements'. Moreover, in today's environment, some of these decisions are also related to specific requirements related to the aesthetics of the building and the client's vision.

Zoning Studies and Feasibility Analysis

Architect assit clients in researching the municipality's zoning codes in order to understand to requirements and limitations for the development of a project in a specifi location. These studies are meant to render substantial data to allow the architect to prepare preliminary areas calculations that together with visual diagrams can provide enough information to the clients regarding the size of the project for financial purposes

Sustainable Design

As many municipalities , states and Federal government agencies and constructions codes continue to develop estrategies for the implementation of sustainable or green-buildings regulations, we are ready to assist our clients to achieve any level of compliance for sustainable buildings.

Conceptual Design

Many prospects clients are not ready to venture on a full scale project or just have a vision of a project and need to see a visual diagram, preliminary plans or even #D visualizations. RD Architects is able to provide tese limeted architectural services.

Municipal Architectural Boards Presentations

Contract Administration

Construction Management

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